Reaching goals, overcoming obstacles and connecting with your inner self.

Two of the most useful tools I have ever implemented throughout my personal and professional life are SWOT analysis and SMART goals. Professionally, these tools root themselves in business, project management and leadership fundamentals. Each tool is used to acknowledge your capacity and leverage your talents to achieve goals in a systematic and effective way. Let’s go over each of the acronyms.

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SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For a more detailed breakdown and outline of SWOT please visit Mind Tools. Outlining your strengths and weaknesses is critical in setting effective goals. Do you have trouble starting projects…

Analysis with Google, Microsoft and Tableau

The overlap between data science and business analysis leads professionals to navigate their workflow through widely used analytical software. Throughout my interactions with potential employers, three companies and their software stood out above the rest. Salesforce’s Tableau, Google’s Data Studio and Microsoft’s Power BI. While each software is different, there are many commonalities that can be explored and learning each tool is possible using product specific resources and online coursework.

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Salesforce’s Tableau offers users the ability to create beautiful visuals and dashboards with just a few clicks. Fortunately, Tableau offers a Tableau Public desktop…

An open letter to those who are on the job hunt.

It’s tough. It is. Working tirelessly and studying at odd hours of the night in the hope that one day your trust in “the process” will pay off. To those who took a risk and made a career change during the global pandemic, you are worth more than you know.

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Most people can understand the stress and anxiety of taking risk followed by the incessant need to pour an unsustainable amount of energy into achieving your goal. Passing days cause the little things to blur tying the majority of your satisfaction to a single thing — progress.

The thing is…

Tracking Down Your Digital Footprint

It felt like 100 hours. It took 10 hours.

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Most people have received that deathly email — “someone has tried to log into your account.” For most online users, especially millennials — we start our late teens with a single email address which is then used to communicate with friends, businesses and other contacts. As time goes on the number of connections to businesses, employers, schools and vendors begin to overwhelm the inbox with an endless number of advertisements, promotions and junk mail.

Naturally, a new (and probably more professional looking) email is created and the original is dubbed a “junk address” or something…

Predicting Future Sales using Historical Data

Quick note: Thank you for checking out my post. Today I’ll go over a Sales Forecasting analysis completed using Facebook Prophet. Two files were provided; sales records and store level data. Preprocessing, exploratory data analysis and prophet modeling yielded a 30 day sales projection with an average 7.8 mean absolute percent error. For a detailed breakdown of the analysis including code, a presentation and more, please visit my Github.

The contents of the analysis can be found on Github under user miguelangelsantana.

Obtain | Data

Putting Your Best Self Forward

This blog post is dedicated to all of the behavioral and cultural questions that applicants face in interviews. It goes without saying, technical knowledge is vastly important but the fact that you got an interview — means you have the skills needed to perform the job (unless you lied on your resume). Many times, interviewers miss a huge red flashing sign when they are faced with cultural and behavioral questions. It’s not just what you answer — it’s how you answer. One of my favorite movie quotes comes from Will Smith’s blockbuster film Hitch: “Sixty…

Promotional Performance & A/B Testing

The selection of marketing campaigns for business is often challenging due to feature similarities and the sales results they yield.

In this analysis we will observe three marketing campaigns in a retail environment. Picture this — a new item has been introduced in several markets. The markets were randomly selected and different promotions are used at each location. How would you pick? What factors would you consider?

For our illustrative analysis, the market results were tracked and our analysis offers additional insight into the most effective marketing campaign.

The Data

The project data is made available via…

Identifying Mental Health Trends in Aging Adults


My personal background includes a large stint in Medicare insurance sales. To give a little context these insurance products work with Medicare in the United States for individuals over the age of 65 years old (some exceptions).

The baby boomer generation (55–75 years old) is often under served as our society has become entangled with technology. Research illustrates an increase in diagnosis of depression and other mental illness in aging adults. Additional research on these trends is available via The Family Institute at Northwestern.

Due to COVID-19’s effect on mental health around the world, it is especially important to understand…

New Student, New Career Path

Technology and Information

Data Science is described as the process of procuring, organizing and leveraging information to drive the effectiveness of data driven decision making. Data Science and Technology are closely intertwined. As technology continues to develop, more and more consumers connect to the internet as a result of lower cost and higher performance. Internet users many times unknowingly leave traces of search history, preferences, login information and so much more. It is estimated that 4.57 billion users connect to the internet each day [1]. …

Small Business | Tax Office Insights


Through data exploration and analysis of clientele data over a three-year period, recommendations for business development were provided through customer segmentation and analysis of customer churn. The most significant customer loss occurs in clients between the ages of 25 and 35 coming from single income households. Our analysis outlines strategies for targeted marketing and customer retention.

Methodology and Business Problem

A small tax office is looking to understand their client base in order to prepare for the upcoming tax season. Small businesses depend on face-to-face interactions in order to build long lasting relationships with their customer base. …

Miguel Angel Santana II, MBA

Data Scientist who enjoys awesome collaborative work environments. When not coding, I spend time with family and fight my pug as he barks at strangers.

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